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Mr. Rose

What is science? A way of learning more about the natural world. What is a scientific observation? Using your senses to describe the natural world. What is the first stage of the scientific method? Asking a question based on observation. What are the first three steps of the scientific method? Identify the Problem, Pose (ask) a question, and form a hypothesis What two things make a hypothesis good? It must be a statement that is testable. Why is it important for scientist to communicate? To learn new ideas from each other. This type of observation deals with numbers. Quantitative This type of observation deals with writing descriptions. Qualitative Parts of an experiment that change is a.... Variable An attempt to explain a pattern seen repeatedly in the natural world. Scientific Theory A guess scientist make based on what they observe. Hypothesis The tools (gadgets and gizmos) that help us with science is what? Technology Variables in an experiment that does not change... Constants A collection of structures, cycles or processes that relate to one another. System To draw a conclusion based on evidence. Infer A rule that describes some paterns in nature. Scientific law An experiment in which everything but one part stays the same. Contolled experiment Any representation of an object or event. Model The variable that the scientist change or is testing is.. the independent variable The variable that the scientist use to measure the success of the experiment. Dependent variable What is the difference between a qualitative and a quantitative observation Quantitative involve numbers, and qualitative involve using your senses The box has a mass of 3 kg is a ______ observation? Quantitative The nails are brown because they are rusty. This is an example of what observation qualitative Something that you keep the same in an experiment is called a Constant How many constants should you have in an experiment? as many as possible except your independent variable The information you are trying to collect in an experiment is called _________. Data A hypothesis in an experiment is An educated guess made before an experiment Variables are those factors that can be changed in an experiment. True or False True When observing and recording the results of an experiment, observations may include both measurements and descriptions. True or False True A prediction about a problem that can be tested is a(n) ____. Hypothesis To ____ means to draw a conclusion based on something you observe. infer Unit 1, Section 1, NYS Grade 6.