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What was the Great Plains like after Civil War? little rainfall,rolling hills rising from east to west,frequent dust storms Before new technologies, people thought of the Great Plains as a ______;afterwards they saw it as _________. treeless wasteland; a place to settle Which inventions helped the farmers on the Great Plains? steel plow, windmills,barbed wire, reapers, and dry farming When products were finished they were transported to_______ ________ national markets What linked resources, products, and markets during industrial development? Transportation Where was the center of the steel industry? Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Key reasons for Westward Expansion: Give 5 land ownership, railroad, wealth from gold and silver,adventure, and a new beginning for former slaves What took place at the Battle of the Little Bighorn? Custer and his men were outnumbered and killed by the Sioux Who was Chief Joseph? The leader of the Nez Perce The worst discrimination during building of the transcontinental railroad was against....? Chinese and Irish immigrants A technique that made farming on the plains practical was....? Dry Farming The center of the textile industry was _____________________. New England in Northeastern US Where was the center of the meatpacking industry? Chicago, Illinois Where was the center of the automotive industry? Detroit, Michigan Which invention helped settlers in Great Plains protect crops from animals? Barbed Wire Texas ranchers took their cattle on long drives to the railroads in Kansas. Where did they ship their cattle to? Chicago, Illinois Why were Chief Joseph and his tribe running to Colorado? To escape being put onto a reservation Why were the Chinese healthier than the whites while working on the Transcontinental Railroad? They drank hot tea and the boiling of water killed germs Who was killed at the Battle of Little Bighorn? George A. Custer and his men Land that was set aside by the US Government for Native Americans to live on in peace was called? Reservation The teaching Native Americans about white culture is called Americanizing Due to lack of forested areas, the Plains people had to build what kind of houses? Sod Did Chinese workers make higher, lower, or equal wages than white workers? Less Native Americans used the buffalo for what? Food, Housing, Blankets and tools The process of cultural blending is known as? Assimilation