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abominable awful, detestable - The shooting at Fort Hood was an abominable act. analogy agreement, similarity,comparison - An analogy between the human brain and a computer can only go so far. assuage soothe, relieve - The ointment was supposed to assuage the itch of poison ivy. cursory casual, hasty, careless - Not being interested in westerns, I gave a cursory look at the book's title and tossed it aside. gesticulate gesture, motion, signal - Because I did not speak Italian, I did much gesticulating on my recent trip to Rome. inhibited overly restrained, constrained - The dog was inhibited from scratching his ear by a cone he wore around his neck. dissensus difference of opinion - As long as dissensus rules in the Senate, we will have no national health plan. voracious ravenous, very hungry - After weeks lost in the woods, Jake wanted to eat voraciously when he sat down to his first real meal in a long time. vacillate waver, unable to decide - While Obama took weeks to study our war policy in the Middle East, many saw his approach as little more than protracted vacillation. tranquility calm, calmness, composure - The Pacific Ocean was so named because the first explorers saw it at a moment of tranquility.