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what the lower atmoshere is like at any given place and time weather person who studies the weather meteorologist study of weather meteorology layer of air that surrounds Earth atmosphere prediction of weather conditions for a given area at a given time weather forecasting average weather in a particular region over many years climate a measure of how hot or cold something is measured by a thermometer temperature weather tool that measures temperature thermometer tool used to measure wind speed anemometer device or tool to measure air pressure barometer layer of Earth closest to Earth's surface where weather takes place troposphere force put on an area by the weight of air above air pressure continuous movement of water between Earth's surface and the air water cycle the changing of a liquid into a gas evaporation water in air in the form of a gas water vapor changing of a gas into a liquid condensation form of water that falls from the atmosphere (rain, sleet, snow and hail) precipitation precipitation that flows across the land's surface or falls into rivers/streams run-off when trees/leaves give off water and it evaporates transpiration where the water is collected/stored after precipitation accumulation weather instrument used to measure the amount of precipitation in a given area rain gauge amount of water vapor in the air humidity weather instrument used to measure the amount of humidity (water vapor in air) hygrometer blanketlike clouds that are gray and brings rain/snow stratus clouds puffy, flat based clouds that are our fair weather clouds cumulus clouds high altitude clouds that are wispy, feathery and often are made of ice crystals cirrus clouds clouds that form upward and stack up into the sky that brings thunderstorms cumulonimbus clouds stratus cloud formed at ground level fog air that moves horizontally and is caused by differences in air pressure wind wind that blows from land to the sea at night land breeze wind that blows from the sea to the land during the day sea breeze Flashcards of all weather vocabulary