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The tube that carries urine from the renal pelvis to the urinary bladder? Ureter Functional unit of the kidney Nephron Primary organ of the urinary system Kidney The hormone that inhibits ADH and Aldosterone Atrial Naturetic What is formed by the expansion of ureter and into the Hilus of the kidney? Renal pelvis Who loves chocolate? Sin Hell, I ain't gunna tell you! Kidding, you awake? The cluster of capillaries that branch off aferent arteriole are known as- Glomerular The hormone secreted by idney when O2 levels are low Erythropoieten What consists of four pipes and is where reabsorption and secretion occurs? Renal tubules Term meaning behind peritoneal retroperitoneal The first step in the formation of urine Glomerular filtration The hormone that increases reabsorption of water ADH Part of the renal tubbule that empties into the collecting tubule distal convoluted tubule Functions of the kidneys include Rids body of waste, regulates fluid volume, maintains electrolyte balance, maintains pH of blood, Kidneys are loctaed? Retroperitoneal; between the 12th thoracic and 3rd lumbar vertebrae, protected by the ribs. The shape of a kidney is said to be "bean" What do you do if the person in the stall next to you is making loud, sensual noises? I will let Dani answer that one..... ;) Anatomy and Physiology 2