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addend the number being added base denominator denominator the expression written below the line in a common factor difference the result when you subtract one quantity from another (minuend-subtrahend=difference) digit any number 0-9 dividend the number to be divided by the divisor (dividend /divisior =quotient) divisor the number by which a dividend is divided (dividend /divisor=quotient) estimate to find an approximate solution to a problem evaluate to find the value of an expression exponent a number or variable that expresses how many times a nymber or variable is multiplied by itself expression a number, a variable, or a group of numbers and/or variables and math operations factor a number or symbol that is multiplied by another number or symbol to get a product grouping symbols mathematical symbols like parenthesis (), brackets [ ], or braces { }, indicating operations that must be performed before performing other operations leading digit the first digit on the left in a whole number minuend the quantity that the subtrahend is subtracted from (minuend-subtrahend=difference) multiplicand the quantity being multiplied by another quantity (multiplier x multiplicand=product) multiplier the quantity being multiplied by another quantity (multiplier x multiplicand=product) numerator the expression written above the line on a common fraction numerical expression a group of numbers and math operations order of operations a set of rules used to solve a numerical expression with more than one math operation place value the value of a digit depending on its position within a number power any expression written in exponential form product the result when two factors are mutliplied together quotient the result when one quantity is divided by another quantity remainder the number left when the divisor does not divide evenly into the dividend round to approximate a number to a given place value subtrahend the number subtracted from the minued (minuend-subtrahend=difference) sum the result when to or more quantities are added together variable letter or symbol that represents a number variable expression an expression that contains one or more variables whole numbers the set of positive numbers and zero that do not contain a fraction or a decimal Students may use these flashcards to prepare for the upcoming math vocabulary quiz at the end of Unit 2.