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What should magazines in the waiting or reception area be? Current Who does routine office maintenance? Staff What should be the patinet's bathroom in the medical office be? Handicap Accessible The supply inventory that the MA should be? Keeps a list of all supplies on hand; Checks the expriation date on all supplies before using them; Makes sure that all labels on all items are secure What information is needed after purchase of equipment for the medical office? The serial number; Date of purchase; Type and length of warranty; Suggested service schedule and name of the provider who services it What does the MA need to know when inventorying supplies properly? Be aware of the reorder point What information is included in the meet's minutes? Person present; Person absent; Topics covered What should be considered when designing an office reception area? Color of wall; Arrangement of furniture; Location of the reception Why is postage meter beneficial in the office? Save time Why should a MA be aware of community resources? A referral to any of these agencies would enhance patient care What does disk drives on the computer hold? A floppy disk What is a group of computers that are connected called? A network What type of printer produces high-quality copies? Laser What type of software applications is word processing? The computer version of typing What does a spreadsheet do? Manipulate numeric data for financial management Define time it takes to receive an order once placed: Lead Time Define travel document: Itinerary Define card providing protection against defective parts: Warranty Card Define status of being out of stock: Back-Order Define operates a fax machine only: Dedicated Phone Line Define describes what will be covered during a meeting: Agenda Define bill for products purchased: Invoice Define extra items on hand: Safety Stock Define document are received with the order: Packing Slip Define durable goods the last a few years: Capital Goods Study Guide Questions for Unit 2 Theory Exam