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Who is the author of "The Wooing of Beppo Tate"? C. Everard Palmer What is the setting of the story? Kendal, Jamaica At what time and on what day did Beppo arrive? He arrived at night and on a Saturday. What did Beppo discover was the conflict between Mr. Tate and Mrs. Belmont He had bought a buggy from her late husband that she didn't want sold. Who is Teppy? Teppy is a friend of Mr. Tate. He often comes over to eat and is very greedy. He is also blackmailing Beppo for two birds and two crayfish per week. Who is George Kirby? George Kirby is the school bully. Why did Beppo try to fight George? George hit him soundly in the head with his palm. Who encouraged George to fight with Beppo during a break at school? Daphne Belmont Where is Roy Penner from originally? Portland in eastern Jamaica. What do Beppo and Roy have in common? Both were adopted. Where did Beppo's father meet Mr. Tate? A cricket match in Santa Cruz. Where did Roy's mother find Mrs. Jenkins? Coronation Market, Spanish Town Road. Why were Beppo and Roy called "give-aways"? Their parents basically just gave them to someone who wanted a child. There was no legal adoption. What happened to Mabel, Mr. Tate's milk cow? She was giving less milk. Instead of 4 quarts, she was giving 2. How did Teppy explain this? Teppy said that the Lord was coming and so strange things were happening to animals. Who else did Teppy blame for Mabels predicament? Beppo. He tried to say that Beppo was milking the cow wrong. How did Beppo's goat, Mavis, end up in Daphne's yard? Daphne cut the rope and took her over there. Why did Daphne hold Mavis in her yard? She was mad at Beppo for saying that she was George Kirby's Girlfriend. Why does Beppo say, "Two plus Two = Blackmail." He is thinking about Teppy's blackmail of two fish and two birds. Where does Roy take Beppo after setting his fish pot? To a hut that he had built in the woods. What did Mrs. Jenkins force Roy to do every night? Say the same prayer. What did Daphne do that surprised Roy? She took up for him and prevented George from beating him up. Review questions covering the novel "The wooing of Beppo Tate".