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What is the major elevation on the masticatiory surface of cainines and permant teeth? Cusp What is a wide shallow depression on the anterior lingual surface? Fossa What is an area between 2 or more root branches also refered to as "crotch of the tooth". Furcation 5 cusp on a tooth is known as? Cusp of Carabelli What is the external vertical bony ridge on the labial surface of the cainines? Canine Eminence What is the most prominent developmental groove on the posterior teeth? Central Groove What is the raised rounded area on the cervical third of the lingual surface? Cingulum What is slight ridges that run mesiodistally in the cervical third of teeth? Imbrication Lines What is the rounded enamel extension on the incisal ridge of the incisors? Mamelon What is known as the rounded, raised border on the mesial& distal portions if the anterior teeths surface and the occlusal of the posterior? Marginal Ridge What is a ridge on the permanent incisors that appears flattened on the labial,lingual and incisal view after tooth eruption? Incisal Edge What is refered to as sloping areas between cusp ridges? Inclinded Cuspal Planes What refers to teeth that replace primary teeth? Succedaneous What is the study of form and shape of teeth? Morphology What is 2 cusps? Bicanineate What means divided into 2? Bifurcated What is an area in which 2 roots divide? Bifurcation What is a space between 2 teeth? Diastema What groove acts as a spillway during mastication? Marginal Groove What groove seperates a marginal ridge from a triangular ridge of a cusp? Triangular Groove What is 3 cusps? Tricaninate What means divided into 3? Trifurcated What is an area in which 3 roots divide? Trifurcation Review of the dental vocab