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Members of the militia, usually young men in their early twenties who can mobilize on a moments notice. minutemen King of England , during the American Revolution George III A group of skilled writers that worked to keep the colonies and "the World" informed about the infringements and Violations that Britain had made on colonial rights. Committee of Correspondence Passed by Parliament in 1773, to save the nearly bankrupt British East India Company. Actually lowered the cost of tea to the cheapest it had ever been, but created a monopoly and colonists refused to buy the tea. Tea Act Organized by the Sons of Liberty, colonists dressed as natives and boarded 3 English ships and discarded 342 chests of tea in Boston Harbor Boston Tea Party Passed by Parliament as the Coercive Acts, this was meant as punishment for the Boston Tea Party. Intolerable Acts This act extended Quebec's boundary south to the Ohio River, overiding the claims of several colonies to western lands. It also granted full religious freedom to French Roman Catholics. Quebec Act Met from Sept 5 thru Oct 26 , 1774, in an attempt to discuss grievances. The result was a Declaration of Resolves and a ban on all trade with Britain First Continental Congress Colonists who favored independence from Britain. Patriots Sons of Liberty member who rode from Boston, to warn the people, that the "Regulars were on the move". Paul Revere Delegates met again on May 10th, Created the Continental Army under the command of George Washington and made one last attempt at peace by sending off the Olive Branch Petition to King George III. Second Continental Congress A wealthy plantation owner from Virginia, attended both Continental Congresses and served as the Commander of the Continental Army George Washington British General who led the attack on Bunker Hill and was later forced to evacuate Boston by George Washington and his men in March of 1776 William Howe June 17, 1774 - in three bold assaults, the British Army attacked colonial forces in Charlestown , Boston. British were victorious, but paid dearly for their victory. 1054 casualities compared to the American losses of 450. Battle of Bunker Hill The last attempt at reconciliation sent to King George III, by the Continental Congress, following the Battle of Bunker Hill Olive Branch Petition Cahpter 4 Section 2