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Natural Theory This is also known as the Intuituion Theory or the Theory of Human Genius. It is a modernististic view, denying the supernatural or the inexplicable. It holds that inspiration is but superior thought on the part of the natural man regarding moral and religious truth. This theory is inconsistent with the Word. Illumination Theory This Theory emphasizes an intensified zeal or enthusiasm on the part of the writers. It holds that the Bible was the result of illumination, or a heightening or elevation of man's religious perceptions. It is possible to have illumination without inspiration, as it is possible to have inspiration without illumination. Dictation Theory This is also known as the Mechanical Theory. The authors were but mere pens, and the Bible was a verbatim report. Dictation is not inspiration. Verbal dictation is not verbal inspiration. God speaks through men. He uses individual vessels. Trance Theory It proposes that the writers of the Bible were caught up in a vision or trance-like state and wrote word for word or picture for picture what they saw by the Spirit. This is an incomplete concept in that it rules out man's conscious involvement. Partial Theory This theory teaches that the Bible contains the Word of God. For example, the writers were inspired concerning salvation, but not so in matters concerning history, science, chronology, etc. The proponents of this Theory do not agree on what is inspired. Some say the fundamental truths but not he numbers or the historical parts; others claim inspiration in regard to those portions whose moral tendency is clearly and evidently good; others fafavor the prophetical parts; others hold to the doctr Plenary View This is the TRUE view and is also known as the VERBAL INSPIRATION position. The word, verbal, means by means of words.” There are two key elements that must be kept in balance to arrive at a Biblical view of inspiration: God’s involvement through the Holy Spirit, and man’s involvement. The unity and progression of thought together with the absence of contradiction indicate that the Bible had ultimately ONE Author: GOD Himself! The Bible is the product of both Theories of Inspiration