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When translated the word Arawaks means this. "Eaters of Meal" What are the two types of Arawaks? Lucayans and Tainos What was the Arawaks' favourite food? Cassava The ball game of the Arawaks was called this. Batos What is an alcos and what was its purpose? It was a barkless dog used for hunting. What is the word for singing and dancing? Arietos Where did the Lucayans live? The Bahamas Where did the Tainos live? Jamaica, Domineca, and Trinidad Name the method of planting used by the Arawaks. Slash and burn Who was the Arawaks' ceremonial leader? The Cacique The name given to the ceremonial stool. Duho Who/What did the Arawaks worship? Idols, gods, and ancestors Name the Arawaks' favourite dish. Pepperpot Give the name given to an idol or god. Zemi What was the fruit the Arawaks refused to eat and for what reason? Mammee apples weren't eaten since they were presented as gifts to the spirits. What were the two main gods Arawaks believed in? Sky god and Earth goddess Name some fruits that the Arawaks ate. Pineapples, corn and nase berries Give the social hierarchy of the Arawaks (from the highest position to the lowest). Cacique - Nobles - Commoners - Slaves What does "coyaba" mean? Heaven What does cohiba mean? Tobacco How did the Cacique gain his position? It was inherited. What was a bohio? A bohio was a house for the Cacique. What was a caneye? A caneye was a house for the commoners. Give the appearance of the Arawaks. They had an olive complexion with a flattened foreheads and straight, black hair which was short to medium length. Their eyes were slanted and they were plump and about medium in height. Give the Arawaks' dress. The Arawaks painted their bodies and had body piercings. They wore their hair in a "pudding basin style" and wore loin cloths and ornaments. Who instructed the Arawak people when to plant and reap? The Cacique Name some of the meat that was eaten. Iguana, turtles, and fish When did Christopher Columbus come to The Bahamas? October 12, 1492 About how many years had passed before anyone came to The Bahamas after the Lucayans died out? About 200 years Questions about the Arawaks and their way of life.