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-abrasion scraping -ac pertaining to -al pertaining -algia pain -amnios amnion -an pertaining to -ar pertaining to -ary pertaining to -ase enzyme -ation condition; process -cele hernia -centesis surgical puncture to remove fluid -achlasia relaxation; slackening -clast breaking down; to break -crine to secrete -cusis hearing -cyte cell -cytosis abnormal increase of cells -desis binding -dipsia thirst -dynia pain -eal pertaining to -ectasia dilation -ectasis dilation -ectomy surgical removal; surgical excision, resection -edema swelling -emia blood condition -flux flow -gen producing; produced by -geusia taste -gram record; recording -graph instrument used to record -graphy process of recording -gravida pregnancy -ia condition -iac pertaining to -iasis abnormal condition -ic pertaining to -ion process -ism condition -ist one who specializes -logist one who specializes -itic pertaining to -itis inflammation of -ium structure -ization process -kine movement -y condition; process -trophy development -phagia swallowing; eating Medical Terminology Suffixes