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A washer-decontaminator, used after instruments are presoaked, uses what processe to remove blood and protein? Pre-rinse What is the first step I handling the used and unused instruments after a case is completed? Pre-soak then send to decontamination An economical, practical, and effective way to clean reusable channeled endoscopic instruments initially is with the: Endo flush A sterilant that is used on endoscopes that is bactericidal, fungicidal, and sporicidal in 20-30 minutes processing time is: Glutaraldehyde 2% (aka-cidex) What are the considerations regarding a STERIS system for endoscopic sterilization? Items must be submerged completely and they are for immediate use only The pounds of pressure necessary in a steam sterilizer set at 250*F is: 15 mins. To 17 mins. 7.Positive assurance that sterilization conditions have been achieved can only be obtained through: Biologic control test 8.A wrapped tray of instruments is sterilized in a gravity displacement sterilizer at 250*F for: 30 mins. 9.The minimum exposure time for unwrapped instruments in a flash sterilizer that is set at 270*F (132*C) is: 3 mins. 10.When steam is used to sterilize a rubber tubing or catheter: A redidual of distilled water should be left inside the luman 11.To be sterilized effectively, a linen pack must not weigh more than: 12 pounds 12.Gravity displacement utilizes_______to destroy microorganisms: Steam The process called cavitation occurs in the: Ultrasonic cleaner 15.Wrapped basin sets may be sterilized by steam under pressure at 250*F for a minimum of: 20 mins 16.What are the considerations regarding the sterilization of basin sets ? The basin must be separated by a porous material if they are nested 17.Why would gas sterilization be chosen over steam sterilization? It is less damaging to items 18.The chemical agent used in gas sterilization is: Ethylene oxide 19.What chemical system used peracetic acid as the sterilant? steris 20.The lumen of a tubing undergoing ethylene oxide (EO) sterilization is: dried thoroughly 21.Why is ethylene oxide diluted with an inert gas such as chlorofluorocarbon? It provides flame retardation The commercial name for glutaraldehyde is: cidex 23.A 30 minute, single use, sterilization system useful for endoscopes is: steris 24.What are the considerations when using activated glutaraldehyde for sterilization? Items must be rinsed thoroughly in sterile water before use What is the shelf life of Cidex? 14 to 28 days 26.In which procedure would the use of a high-level disinfectant be acceptable instrumentation preparation? Cystoscopy 27.In a high-speed flash sterilizer, unwrapped instruments are exposed for a minimum of: 3 mins 28.To kill spores, an item must be immersed in a 2% aqueous solution of glutaraldehyde for: 10 hours What is the role of moisture in EO sterilization? Dried spores are resistant to the gas so they must be hydrated 30.“Slow exhaust” in a gravity displacement steam sterilizer is used for: solutions is best sterilized by: Convection hot air 32.What is the function of an aerator in EO sterilization? It is a separate unit used to decrease the aeration time Ethylene oxide destroys cells by: Interfering with the normal metabolism of the protein and reproductive process 34.Activated glutaraldehyde is used to disinfect endoscopes for: 20 mins When using a high-level disinfectant, always: Rinse items with sterile distilled water 36.The chemical sterilant used in the STERIS method of sterilizing is: Peracetic acid The Endoflush system: Initialy cleans reusable channeled instruments 38.What wrappers are not an acceptable wrapper for gas sterilization? nylons 39.What is the only acceptable plastic that can be used for a steam sterilization wrapper? polypropylene 40.What are the considerations regarding muslin wrappers are true ? They must be laundered even if unused in order to rehydrate it, a 140-thread count of unbleached muslin is used for wrappers, its flexible an easy to handle 41.Packages wrapped in muslin must have___ thicknesses 4 42.The maximum storage life for a muslin-wrapped item in a closed cabinet is: 30 days 43.The method not recommended for sterilizing an endoscope is: Sterrad method 44.The complete destruction of all living organisms is known as: sterilization 45.What method of sterilization is the most inexpensive, economical, and safest? Saturated steam 46.Instruments should be placed in perforated trays for sterilization to allow: All surfaces to come in contact with the sterilant 47.Wrapped instrument sets must be sterilized for_______minutes at 250* F for steam sterilization. 30 48.When wrapping an item with either woven or nonwoven wrap, how many wrappers should be used? Must be 2-ply 49.In a gravity displacement sterilizer, steam enters the chamber through the: top When sterilizing basin sets: It should be positioned (on side) so water can drain The ultrasonic washer cleans instruments by: Microscopic bubbles, they become enlarged, unstable, and implode the implosion creates a vacuum dislodging debris 54.Items that are mechanically cleaned and chemically disinfected, but not sterile are said to be: Surgically cleaned sterilization