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Application software usually used to work with numbers is Spreadsheet Columns are identified by Letters Rows are identified by Numbers The horizontal and vertical lines of a spreadsheet are known as its grid The location of a cell is the cell address or cell reference A value is a plain number A label in a spreadsheet is another name for text or words What are the four types of data that can be entered into a spreadsheet? value, label, formula, and function What is a shortcut for a formula? a function When a cell is highlighted, is showing a bold, thick line around the entire cell, the cell is______which means it is ready to receive data. active A formula begins with an equal sign A selected or highlighted series of cells (A5:D10) range of cells Adjusts the cell references in a formula while retaining the mathematical processes relative cell reference used to add numbers in a spreadsheet (a function) SUM a spreadsheet tool used to play out different situations to determine outcome what-if-analysis a value needed to calculate a function. For example, the function COUNT needs cell references as the arguments:=COUNT(A2:D6) argument a spreadsheet function indicating the highest value in a range MAX a spreadsheet function that indicates the lowest value in a range MIN Spreadsheet Terms