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Specilized cells responsible of the formation of bone are termed: Osteoblast The most common inheritted disorder that resluts in dwarfism is: Achondroplasia The formation of extra digits is termed: Polydactyly Bone marrow is located anatomically within the: Medullary canal The type of arthritis believed to be an autoimmune disease is: Rheumatoid Arthritis The most common benign bone tumor is the: Osteoma Osteomyyelitis is a disease of the skeletal system that is: Inflammatory What pathologic condition is present if the posterior elements of one or more vertebrae fail to unite? Spina Bifida Aging and postmenopausal hormonal changes are the major causes of generalized____. Osteoporosis An inherited generalized disorder of connective tissue characterized by multiple fractures and a bluish color of the sclera of the eye is_______. Osteogenesis A disorder of metabolism causing an increase blood level of uric acid is called_______. Gout What term applies to the new calcium deposits that unite fracture sites? Callus A malignant bone tumor more common among children than adults? Ewing's Sarcoma A benign projection of bone with a cartilage-like cap occuring around the knee in children or adolescents is________. Osteochondroma Weblike bony structure visible on an exposed radiograph are often called: Trabecular Pattern How many axial bones make up the human skeleton? 80 What age has most red marrow been replaced by yellow marrow? 20 What kind of joint is a skull suture? Synarthrodial What kind of joint is slightly movable like that in the vertebra? Amphiarthrodial A freely moving knee joint is an example of what kind of joint? Diaarthrodial A condition in which bones become more dense & brittle? Osteopetrosis A congential disorder in which the acetabulum fail to form before birth: Congenital Hip Displasia Bone/Bone marrow infection by microorganisms spread hematogenously: Osteomyelitis Secondary TB infection of the verterae: Pott'd disease Bacterial infection mostly in males that via the GI or GU system affecting the SI joints, toes and feet? Reiter's Syndrome (Lover's Heel) The medical condition commonly known as "Bambo Spine" Ankylosing Spondylitis Retro or Anterior slipping of the vertebral column: Spondylolisthesis A cleft of the vertebral body between the inferior & superior articular processes.(pars interarticularis) Spondylolysis What type of tumors occur during the 1st 3 decades of life? Benign T/F All cancers can metastasize to bone? True Simple Unicameral Bone Cyst found mostly in children typically are filled with what? Fluid Aneurysmal Bone Cysts common in people under the age of 20 are filled with what? Blood Which common benign bone tumor is greater than 2 cm? Osteoblastoma Characterized by multinucleated osteoclastic cells: Giant Cell Tumor A highly malignant neoplasm from the metaphysis that lifts the periosteum radiating outward: Osteosarcoma Atypical cartilage that tend to envade the tissues around the ends of long bones: Chondrosarcoma Name 6 Primary sites for metastatic bone CA: Breast,Lung,Prostate,Kidney,Thyroid & Bowl Radiologic Pathology