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qd once daily bid twice daily tid three times daily qid four times daily q every qw once weekly biw twice weekly tiw three times weekly qiw four times weekly qmo every month po by mouth npo nothing by mouth qam every morning qpm every evening pr per rectum pv per vagina ac before meal(s) pc after meal(s) tud take as directed tad take as directed uad use as directed aaa apply to affected area c with od right eye ad right ear as left ear au both ears hs at bedtime q8h every 8 hours q4-6h every 4 to 6 hours q4h every 4 hours od right eye os left eye ou both eyes prn as needed qod every other day prnp as needed for pain ppa as needed for pain ung ointment sol solution elix elixir susp suspension supp suppository sl sublingual sc or sq subcutaneous im intramuscularly iv intraveneously stat immediately sos if needed gtt drops Sig Code Practice and Review