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Rocks are mixtures of ... Minerals Polymineralic? rocks contain many minerals Monomineralic? rocks contain one mineral All monomineralic rocks are... Chemical Sedimentary Rocks How are rocks classified? based on origin or how they form What are the 3 types of sedimentary rocks? Clastic, chemical, organic What do chemical sedimentary rocks form from? evaporation and precipitation What do clastic sedimentary rocks form from? sediments that get compacted and cemented together What do organic sedimentary rocks form from? once linving things How can a clastic sedimentary rock be classified other than by origin? By particle size or grain size Where do sedimentary rocks form? Underwater What is lithification? the process in which sedimentary rocks become solid What are the steps in lithification? erosion,deposition,compaction,cementation What is strata? fine lines in sediments when they change size in deposition Are chemical sedimentary rocks polymineralic or monomineralic? monomineralic What are 2 examples of chemical sedimentary rocks? rock salt and rock gypsum sedimentary rocks