daring; bold AUDACIOUS ease or lessen; satisfy; soothe ASSUAGE forbiddingly stern; severely simple and unornamented AUSTERE self-governing AUTONOMOUS intense; passionate; zealous ARDENT ancient; out of date ARCHAIC manually skilled worker; craftsman as opposed to artist ARTISAN object made by human beings ARTIFACT controlling influence; dominant ASCENDANCY pride; haughtiness ARROGANCE seek to attain; long for ASPIRE practicing self-denial; austere ASCETIC firm dislike AVERSION greediness to wealth AVARICE contradict; give a false impression BELIE charm; mislead or delude BEGUILE pompous; using inflated language BOMBASTIC support; reinforce BOLSTER deliberately planned CALCULATED boaster BRAGGART unpredictable; fickle CAPRICIOUS frankness; open honesty CANDOR combine; fuse COALESCE a quack; pretender to knowledge CHARLATAN assemble; gather; accumulate COMPILE pertaining to conversational or common speech COLLOQUIAL great fire CONFLAGRATION self-satisfaction; smugness COMPLACENCY gracious; heartfelt CORDIAL confuse; puzzle CONFOUND mysterious; hidden; secret CRYPTIC standard used in judging CRITERION weaken; enfeeble DEBILITATE deserving blame CULPABLE express disapproval of; belittle DEPRECATE extreme corruption; wickedness DEPRAVITY unoriginal; derived from another source DERIVATIVE ridicule; make fun of DERIDE steadiness of effort; persistent hard work DILIGENCE wandering away from the subject DIGRESSION disregard; dismiss DISCOUNT reveal DISCLOSE scorn DISDAIN able to see differences DISCRIMINATING argumentative; fond of arguing DISPUTATIOUS a lack of inclination; reluctance DISINCLINATION varying; going in different directions from the same point DIVERGENT disagree DISSENT opinionated; arbitrary DOGMATIC provide written evidence DOCUMENT Improve your SAT vocabulary repertoire with these handy FLASHCARDS!!!