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What do the male and female reproductive systems produce? Sex cells (gametes) What is the male sex cell called? Sperm What is the female sex cell called? Egg When a sperm and egg unite the process is called _________________ is called fertilization Sperm is produced in the ________________ testis The ____________ gland secretes hormones that start the production of sperm and eggs pituitary What do you call a fertilized egg before it implants in the uterus? Zygote When does a zygote become an embryo? Once it implants in the uterus The _______________ is the monthly discharge of blood and lining of the uterus. menstrual cycle A full term pregnancy normally lasts _____________. nine months (37-41 wks) Once fertilization takes place, what process does the zygote undergo? cell division (mitosis) Prior to birth, what is the last stage of development called? fetus How many chromosomes do sex cells contain? half the number of chromosomes that body cells have Why are the testis outside the body? high temperatures interfere with sperm production. What problems may develop if a women smokes, drinks alcohol, and takes drugs during a pregnancy? The baby may experience developmental problems. Endocrine, male and female reproductive systems