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Something that causes damage, harm or loss Detriment Skillful in using the hands or body Dexterous Careful about moral standard; conscientious Scrupulous Sociable; enjoying and seeking the company of others Gregarious Good judgment or tact in actions or speaking Discretion Having to do with seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, or smelling Sensory Best possible; most favorable; most desirable Optimum Meant to impress others; flashy Ostentatious Humorous; playful joking Facetious Experienced through the imagination; not experienced directly Vicarious To bring about by moving others; stir up Instigate Fundamental; necessary to learn first Rudimentary Able to recover quickly from harm, illiness, or misfortune Resilient To work together on a project; cooperatein an effrot Collaborate A person totally devoted to a purpose or cause Zealot To respect deeply; revere Venerate Downhearted; hopeless; overwhelmed with sadness Despondent Reviewing the past; considering past events Restrospect To make fun of; mock refuse to take seriously Scoff To silence or supress; crush Squelch To place close together, especially in order to compare or contrast Juxtapose A great lack of energy; inactive due to laziness; sluggishness Lethargy Able to be interpreted in more than one way; not clear Ambiguous Without sense or meaning; foolish Inane A person opposed to established ideas or beliefs, especially in politics or religion Dissident To decorate; beauty by adding details Embellish To support financially; provide a grant or contribution Subsidize To spend or waste a little at a time Fritter Unintentional; accidental Inadvertent Happeing now and then; occational Sporadic To surrender (something); given (something) up Relinquish Done or acting in a hurry, with little thought; implusive Impetuous Tearfully sentimental; overly emotional Maudlin To criticize or scold harshly Berate Existing or seeming to exist everywhere at the same time Ubiquitous the highest point or condition; peak Estrange Not capable of error or failure; or unable to make a mistake Infallible Overjoyed; having an intense feeling of well-being Euphoric To return to an earlier, generally worse, condition or behavior Regress Inactive; alive but not actively growing, as if asleep Dormant To spread or scatter widely; distribute Disseminate Not able to be canceled or undone; irreversible Irrevocable A rapid spread or increase Proliferation To confirm; strengthen with further evidence; provide proof of Corroborate To cause to happen quickly, suddenly, or sooner than expected Precipitate To lift, especially with some mechanical means, like a cable Hoist A fake; a person who falsely claims to have some speical skill or knowledge Charlatan To branch off in different directions from the same starting point; to become different Diverge Illegal Activity Illicit The highest point or condition; peak Zenith Chapters 1-5