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chronicle account of events. Tom's election crionicle included and hourly time line. repository container used for storage. Donnie kept photos of the house's history in a wooden repository. clarion loud and clear. The pollution expose was a clarion call to recycle. epitaph tombstone inscription. Jed's epitaph made the mourners cry even more. ledger accounting book. The auditor recorded the baker's expenses in his ledger. excelsior ever upward. Climbing Mount Everest for an exclusive interview, Debbie exclaimed, "Excelsior!" to urge herself on. flume narrow gorge with a stream running through it. Dejected, Doris watched the water rush down the flume and considered tossing in her failed first draft. Whig member of historical British political party. His right-wind friends often joked that liberal-leaning John would have made a great Whig. derrick framework over an oil well. Sunlight on the derrick cast a fitting shadow over the oil town. gleaner someone who gathers information. A natural gleaner of recy details, Jame was the perfect choice for editor of the new gossip blog. dominion control. As owner of both the newpaper and the bank, Morgan held the town under his dominion delta triangular object. The group of friends would often gather in secret at the sandy delta where the river splits. laconic concise. Laconic yet creative: That was Colin's MO when he sat down to write captions hub center of activity. After sundown, the beach town's lone restauran became the hub for tourists and local alike. Newsboy, beat reporter, editor in cheif