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Study of a person including family, background, life history and expressed opinions is a case study Study of human development is empirical meaning that it is based on actual facts Watching and recording others’ behaviors in a systematic and objective manger is referred to as scientific observation Davida comes from a family of talented musicians and wants to play piano. Cannot afford lessons or piano. Epigenetic theory is the environment altering Davida’s genetic expression In an experiment the dependent variable is the response Piaget’s theory of development focused primarily on how our thinking changes as we grow older Quickest way to study changes over the life span is with cross-sectional research Correlation between school grades and attendance can be concluded as high attendance and high grades occur together Systematic set of principles and generalizations that provides a framework for understanding and examining how and why people change as they get older is developmental theory Socioeconomic status refers to an individual’s social class Researcher showed a violent film to one group of preschoolers and a nonviolent film to the other; behaviors of the groups were compared this is an experiment Freud’s 3 stages of development are oral, anal, phallic In the scientific method after a researcher poses a question the next step is develop a hypothesis Study how members of a particular group change or remain the same as they grow older is longitudinal research Lev Vygotsky is best known for his contributions to sociocultural theory Characteristic of grand theories includes comprehensiveness Behaviorism focuses on actions During sensorimotor stage the main task is to use senses and motor skills to understand the world Relative importance of heredity vs environmental influences is nature vs nurture Study of human development may best be described as an attempt to understand how and why people change and stay the same across the lifespan Study of human development may best be described as an attempt to understand how and why people change and stay the same across reinforced for this behavior Cognitive theory focuses on thoughts According to Erikson, an infant experiences trust vs mistrust Individuals born in the 1960s is the group that is considered to be cohorts Study of people’s thoughts about aging would be done using a survey Full term pregnancies typically last 38 weeks from the date of conception Teratology refers to the study of birth defects Fraternal twins usually result from 2 eggs (ova) that were fertilized about the same time he age of viability refers to the point when the preterm newborn can survive outside the womb Each molecule of CAN is called a chromosome In a normal birth the action to trigger labor is initiated by the fetus Phenotype refers to the actual expression of traits Toney denied involvement with Belinda but with a single drop of blood his paternity for her child was confirmed through his DNA Between ages 20 and 50 a woman’s chances of conceiving a fetus with Down Syndrome increases greatly A person’s sex is determined by the 23rd pair of chromosomes A blue-eyed man marries a brown eyed woman; they have 4 children; if eye color is determined by only 1 pair of genes and brown eyes are dominant over blue eyes, how many kids will have blue eyes is difficult to predict The germinal period ends approximately 2 weeks after conception The neural tube will become the brain and spinal column The international definition for low birthweight is weight less than 2.5 kg or 5 ½ lbs The sum total of all genes a person inherits is called a genotype Kyoto’s daughter is 5 days old; Kyoto is feeling sad and inadequate; she may be experiencing postpartum depression A gene is recessive when its influence can be hidden by a more powerful gene The complexity of the interaction between genotype and phenotype may be broadly summed as stating nature always interacts with nurture and nurture always in interacts with nature The 2nd stage of labor begins when the baby’s head appears at the vaginal opening Infants born more than 3 weeks early are called preterm The placenta surround and protect the developing organism The critical factor in attaining the age of viability is having adequate brain development Florence gave birth to a preterm infant who remain in the intensive care nursery of the hospital; she is encouraged to spend at least an hour each day holding the baby skin to skin between breasts and allowing to nurse if possible; this is called kangaroo care Suppose a particular couple has a 50/50 chance of having a child with a lifelong painful disease that will require expensive medical care; who makes the decision about whether the couple tries to conceive is the couple Human development begins when a sperm penetrates the membrane of an ovum studing