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The disorder characterized by impaired development in social behavior, communication, and motor behavior is: autism while doing an internship at a group home for those with mental and physical disabilities, you meet a resident who can tell you what day any date fell on for the past 100 years. This person is probably: savant thge definition of psychology presented in your textbook is the systematic, scientific study of behaviors and mental processes Inez was attempting to recite the definition of psychology she read in her psychology textbook. she said that psychology is the systematic study of behavior and mental processes. what important word did she omit? scientific in the definition of psychology presented in your textbook, the term behavior refers to observable actions or responses the four goals of psychology are describe, explain, predict and control what are the goals of psychology? describe, explain, predict and control people smile. this statement best illustrates the _____ goal of psychology. describe people smile because they are happy. this statement best illustrates the _____ goal of psychology explain "I bet you will smile when you hear good news." This statement best illustrates the _____ goal of psychology. predict Which of the following is not an approach to understanding behavior mentioned in your textbook? scientology The _____ approach studies how our genes, hormones, andf nervous system interact with the environment to influence behavior andf mental processes. biological The biological approach to psychology focuses on: the working of our genes, hormones, and nervous system The research finding that autism is linked to defects in genes provides support for which modern approach? biological One of the best measures of the emotional component of test anxiety is: palmar sweating Jerry is interested in discovering how people process, store, and use information. His interests reflect which psychological perspective? cognitive These four students experience excessive worrying about an upcoming test. Based on the textbook, which student is most likely to increase her achievement? Amber - she channels her worrying into studying Rob has taught his dog to roll over on command by rewarding the dog with food whenever she exhibits the appropriate action. Rob's approach to teaching his dog tricks is similoar to which psychological perspective? behavioral Albert Bandura believed that our behaviors could be influenced by: observatyions, imitation, and thought processes in additon to the environment The great importance of the unconscious is stressed in the _____ approach. psychoanalytic Sigmund Freud developed which of the following modern approaches? psychoanalytic According to the psychoanalytic perspective, when is the most critical time of life in the development of personality traits? childhood Which of the following schools of thought believes that our dreams could be interpreted to reveal unconscious fears? psychoanalytic In Freud's theory, unconscious, threatening thoughts and feelings lead to: anxiety This year's graduation speaker spoke of the graduates' ability to control their future by becoming anything that they wished. The speaker has most probably been influenced by which psychological perspectives? humanistic About sixty years ago, a prevailing explantaion of autism was: cold parents The cross-cultural approach to psychology studeis the influence of _____ on psychological functioning. cultural and ethnic similarities and differences What important book did William James publish in 1890? principles of psychology The _____ approach emphasizes looking at the whole, rather than the sum of its parts. Gestalt The pioneering psychologist who offered the famous guarantee about being able to shape a baby into any type of specialist you might want was John B. Watson Noelle refuses to study mental processes, and focuses her research solely on the objective, scientific analysis of observable behaviors. Noelle is a: behavioral psychologist Mary Calkins was denied a Ph.D. in psychology because: the administration declined to grant a Ph.D. to a woman _______ was the first African American woman to earn a Ph.D. in the United States. Inez Prosser What important contribution to intelligence testing did George Sanchez make? He showed that questions on the test may be biased against minorities Of the following subject groups, which did not appear in the study on taking lecture notes descibed in your textbook? note-taking plus preview The group that used ______ scored significantly higher than any other group in the study of note taking methods. note-taking plus answering questions about notes The largest percentage of psychologists works in: private practice or therapy settings The research area of psychology most likely to study stereotypes, group behavior, and aggression is: social psychology Changes in self-esteem through puberty and adolescence would be studied by what type of psychologist? developmental Psychobiological psychologists investigate: how our genetic makeup interacts with our environment Dr. Howarth is studying a personality test and has concluded that the test is invalid. He is most likely a specialist in: psychometrics Tanner did very well on his final exam in his psychology course. Tanner probably: set a specific performance goal The best lecture notes: are in your own words and associated with information you already know Of the following, which is not a good thing to do to stop procrastination? think of the final goal You've been assigned a major research paper in one of your classes. You feel overwhelmed. But then you recall what you learned in psychology, and the task seems less overwhelming. What did you remember? breaking down the assignment into smaller goals. study guide