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Purpose of prayer in which we show gratitude for blessings received thanksgiving Purpose of prayer in which we ask God for what we need petition Purpose of prayer in which we give praise and love to God adoration Purpose of prayer in which we express regret for sin contrition The mystery of God becoming Man Incarnation The mystery of Jesus' sacrifice saving us from sin Redemption The mystery of three divine persons in one God Trinity The three mysteries of the Incarnation, Redemption, and the Trinity are expressed in this gesture... Sign of the Cross In this prayer, beads are used; it is celebrated in October Rosary The Lord's Prayer is also known as. . . Our Father The Glory Be is called the . . . Doxology The blessing that the priest gives the congregation with the Host Benediction A formal statement of what a person believes creed An act of sharing or coming together as one communion Any communication with God prayer The gift of God's own life and love within us grace A quiet, deeply spiritual type of personal prayer meditation Prayer on another person's behalf intercession A nine-day period of prayer and devotion novena Prayer said with other people is _______ prayer communal Prayer said alone is ______ prayer personal or private This word means <of or about God> divine This prayer is a group of adoration prayers said after Benediction (it is an example of a litany) Divine Praises This action is to bend on one knee to show great honor and respect genuflect This word means <it is so> and is said at the end of many prayers amen This word means <holy> sacred This word means <universal; for all humankind> catholic Purposes of prayer, terms