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Archipelago A group of islands. Atoll An island formed by coral buildup on an underwater volcano. Badlands An area of barren, roughly eroded ridges. Bay Body of water partially surrounded by land with a wide outlet to the ocean. Beach Sandy or rocky shore of a large body of water. Butte A flat-topped hill that rises steeply above the surrounding land. Canal A man-made waterway used for travel or irrigation. Canyon A deep, narrow valley with high, steep walls. Cape A point of land projecting into a body of water. Channel A waterway between two land masses. Cliff A high, steep rock face. Continent One of the seven largest bodies of land on Earth. Delta Land built up at a river's mouth. Desert An area of very dry land. It gets less than 10 inches of precipitation per year. Dune Hills made of wind-blown sand. Fjord A long, steep glacial valley now filled with seawater. Geyser A natural hot spring that emits a column of water and steam into the air. Glacier A large body of ice that slowly moves across the surface of the earth. Gulf An area of an ocean or sea partially surrounded by land. It is larger than a bay. Hill Land that rises higher than the surrounding area. Iceberg A large chunk of ice floating in an ocean or sea. Island A body of land completely surrounded by water. Definitions for physical geography terms