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Describe the preferred order of draw Blood culture tubes, Non additive tubes, coagulation tubeds, gel seperator tubes, lithium heparin anticoagulant and gel seperator, EDTA, ACDA or ACDB, Oxalate/fluoride Tube color for order of draw Yellow/black stopper, Red or SST, Light blue, Red/gray or gold stopper, Lavender stopper, Pale yellow, light gray Standard size needle gage used for routine venipuncture 21 gauge What is a disinfectant? Used to kill possible pathogens what is the ratio for bleach disinfectant? 1:10 EDTA is used as what? Anticoagulant Citrates are used as what? Anticoagulant Sodium fluoride is used as what? Antiglycolytic Agent Heparin is used as what? Anticoagulant Lithium is used as what? Antiglycolytic Agent Oxalates is used as what? Anticoagulant Define Bevelq slanted tip of a needle used to puncture the skin and vein without removing a piece of the vien Define plunger the part of the syringe that when pulled on creates a vacuum allowing the barrel of the syringe to be filled with fluid or air Define hub end of a needle that attaches to the blood collection device Define shaft the hollow round long cylinder-shaped part of a needle Define sharps container an easily sealed, rigid, leak proof, puncture resistant, disposable box with a locking lid in which used needles and sharp materials are disposed How does heparin work as an anticoagulant Inhibiting thrombin which is required during the coagulation process. Thrombin is needed to form fibrin from fibrinogen. Thus when thrombin is inhibited a fibrin clot is less likely to develop Why should adhesive bandages not be used on children younger than 2? Adhesive bandages pose a choking hazard to children under the age of two What label does OSHA require to be on all sharps containers? Biohazard symbol What is the purpose of the tourniquet? slow down venous flow away from the puncture sight. By doing this the vein enlarges to make it easier to locate and puncture. The tourniquet should not be left on longer than how long? 1 minute Minimum drying time for alcohol used for proper cleaning of a site is what? 30 seconds Define basal state the condition of the body early in the morning while the body is at rest and has been fasting for about 12 hours. Define blood smear blood layer on a glass slide made from a drop of blood Define capillary blood gases blood gases retrieved from an arterialized skin puncture Define Interstitial fluid liqued found between cells Define Intracellular fluid liquid found withing cell membranes Define the safest place for a heel puncture in infants NCCLS states that the safest area are on the planter surface of the heel,medial to the imaginary line extending from the midline of the big toe to the heel or lateral to an imaginary line extending from between the fourth and fifth toes to the heel What is the reason behind wiping away the first droplet of blood of a skin puncture? The first droplet contains excess tissue fluid which may affect test results. Also the alcohol residue on the skin will be wiped away with the first droplet of blood. The alcohol can hemolyze the blood specimen and keep a round droplet of blood from forming. What is the symbol for potassium? K How does K affect the heart? It assists in controlling the heart rate and the hearts contractions What is a GTT Glucose Tolerance Test What is LIS? Labratory information system. Usually the LIS is used to order tests, print labels for specimens, and enter test results. What information is needed on each specimen tube collected? Patient name, date of draw, Collection time (military time), Collecters initials Describe the most appropriate way to chill a specimen Immerse it into an ice and water slush. Ice cubes alone will not allow for adequate cooling of the specimen, and where the ice cubes touch the specimen may freeze it resulting in possible breakdown of the analyte Name three types of heparin ammonium, sodium and lithium How long must a specimen sit before being put in a centerfuge? 30 minutes Describe the elements of blood in an anticoagulant tube after being centrifuged . Top layer plasma, middle layer buffy coat made of white blood cells, bottom layer red blood cells CA 125 is a tumor marker for what type of cancer? ovarian cancer CA 15-3 is a tumro marker for what type of cancer? Breast cancer CEA is a tumor marker for what type of cancer? ovarian, lung, breast, pancreas and GI tract cancers PSA is a tumor marker for what type of cancer? Prostate cancer 0300 military time is what civillian time? 3:00am 2200 military time is what civillian time? 10:00pm 1100 military time is what civillian time? 11:00am 0000 military time is what civillian time? Midnight What is normal body temperature? 98.6 F or 37C You have just finished a specimen collection from a patient with MRSA in which order do you remove your PPE? Gloves, Mask, Gown Does bilirubin specimen need to be protected from light? Yes Does glucose specimen need to be protected from light? No Phlebotomy certification review cards