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What is the purpose of the requisition? ID patient,determine the specimen to be collected,allowing equiptment nessesary for the colection to be gathered Which vein in often the only one that you may find on an obese patient? cephalic Upon entering a patient's room you should first? Introduce yourself Which vein lies closeto the brachial artery? basilic At what angle should a venipucture needle penetrate 15 - 30 degree angle Which information must match on the patients ID band and the reqisition DOB,ID,patients name When should the turniquet be removed from the arm in a venipuncture Before needle is withdrawn!! Tourniquets should be placed how many inches above the venipuncture site? 3-4 inches What can occur if the turniquet is left on to long? hemoconcentration Small red spots on the skin are referred to as ? petechaie Hematomas can be caused by? removing the tourniquet after removing the needle An increase in the ratio of formed elements to plasma is called? hemoconentration If you are asked to perform a venipuncture on a patient who is not wearing an id band, you should ? ask the patient's nurse to attach a new ID band before processing Which vein is the first choice for venipuncture? medial cubital During the veinpuncture procedure the tourniquet should stay on no longer than ? 1 minute Routine Venipuncture