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What is recommended blood and body fluid precautions for the use with all patients? Standard Precautions What is to draw by suction, process of pulling back on a syringe plunger to check for entry into a blood vessel during an injection? Aspiration What is thick and sticky? Viscous What is thin and watery? Aqueous What is the administration of fluids, electrolytes, medications, blood or nutrients through a vein? Intravenous Therapy The five classifications of intravenous solutions are; Hydrating Solutions, Hypertonic, Blood or Blood Components and: Crystalloids and Colloids Redness, warmth and discomfort are symptoms of: Phlebitis This is given in these sites: Anterior thigh, upper outer arm, abdomen, upper back under shoulder blades: Intradermal This is given in these sites; vastus lateralis, deltoid, dorsogluteal, ventrogluteal: Intramuscular This is given in these sites: inner lower arm, upper chest, upper back under shoulder blades: Subcutaneous This is given in these sites: Veins of arms and legs: Intravenous What is the ingredient in a drug that procedures the thearpaeutic effect? Active Ingredient What is rinsing a body cavity with water and other solutions? Irrigation What is administeration of drugs by way of droplets or mist that the patient breathes in? Inhalation What is the placement of drops of liquid into the eyes, ears, nose, or some other body cavity? Instillation What is the form for writing medication orders, located in the patient chart? Physician Order Sheet What is the drug order by which the ordered drug is administered until a discontinuation order is written or until a specidied terminations date is reached? Routine Order What is the drug order that is to be continued until further notice? Standing Order What is the drug order to administer a drug as needed? PRN Order What is a single drug order to be administered immediatley? Stat Order What is a heavy sugar and water solution with flavoring? Syrup What is alcohol mixed with a colatile oil? Spirit What is 10-20% drug solution in alcohol and/or water? Elixir What is highly concentrated alcohol solution? Tincture What is sweetened, alcoholic and aromatic preparation? Fluidextract What is oils and fats suspended in water? Emulsion What is mixture of heavy particles with water; looks like milk? Magma What is thick micture of fine particles with water? Gel What is a soothing or counterirritant preparation for external use, designed to be patted on? Lotion What is a gelatin sheath that contains 1 dose of medication? Capsule What is a topical or ophthalmic preparation in a base of lanolin or petrolatum? Ointment Meaning; Under the tongue: subl Meaning; Under the skin: subcut Meaning; Into the skin: ID Meaning; Into the muscle: IM Meaning; Into the vein: IV Meaning; By mouth: PO Meaning; Inside cheek: buc Meaning; Drop: gtt Meaning; Medications given as necessary: ad lib., PRN Meaning; Administration times: BID, QID, q4h, h.s., a.m. Meaning; Before/after meals: A.c., p.c. Meaning; Dispenses as writted: DAW Meaning; Immediate, one-time order: stat Meaning; Nothing by mouth: NPO Meaning; Chemical symbols: HC1, Nac1, H20 What is designed to dissolve in the mouth? Trouche What are drugs mixed with a firm base and shapped to be inserted in the vagina or rectum? Suppositories What is a medication that contains several doses of a drug, designed to dissolve at different times? Sustaine-release Capsule Because of their high concentraions, spirits, tinctures, and fluidextracts must be measured with a: Dropper or Medicine Glass To prevent alcohol solutions from seperating, store them in a: Dark Place Bottles containing tinctures, fluid extracts, elixirs, and spirits are kept tightly closed so that this ingredient will not evaporate? Alcohol All suspensions must be ______ before use: Shaken When a drug dissolces in water or alcohol the is called a: Suspension These are coated capsules and tablets to prevent stomach irriation: Enteric- Coated Tablet/Capsule Liquid suspensions for ecternal application to the skin to relieve pain and swelling are known as: Liniments What drug prevents nausea and vomitting? Trigan What drug is vasodilation of arteries? Nitrostate What functions in the nerve conductions of the heart? Vitamin K What are inorganic essential to the boady? Minerals What is a condition resulting from a diet lacking in vitamins? Hypovitaminosis What are organic substances essential for normal metabolism? Vitamins What is a state of fluid balance within the body? Homeostatsis What are particles that carry an electrical charge? Ion Another name for micominerals are: Trace Mineral Water-soluble vitamins are C, B, B12 and Biotin and Panthotehnic What are fat-soluble vitamins? A, D, E and K What vitamin is responsible for nerve conduction? B What vitamin is responsible for formation of collagen? C What vitamin is responsible for maintenance of health bones and teeth? D What vitamin is responsible for formation of prothrombin for blood clotting? K What mineral is responsible for formation of hemoglobin? Iron What mineral is responsible for development of the thyroid gland? Iodine What mineral is responsible for control of fluid balance in the body? Sodium What mineral is responsible for formaton fo bones and teeth? Calcium What herb is responsible for improving circulation in the eye? Bilberry What herb is antiemetic? Ginger What herb is responsible for improving memory? Gingko What herb is responsible for increasing physical endurance? Ginseng