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The dog ran ACROSS the street and was nearly hit by a car. preposition Running SLOWLY, the exhausted marathoner barely finished the race. adverb WOW! That must be a very hot fire. interjection He seemed sorry since he almost IMMEDIATELY apologized to us adverb Yes, you can go with us to CANADA tomorrow. noun Whew! This weather is VERY warm for this time of year. adverb We need to learn about our PAST. noun The leaves ARE falling all over the ground. verb The FALL colors are outstanding this year. adjective SPRING into action before it is too late. verb Don't come NEAR me! preposition I will FINE you for your action. verb After SHE cleaned the room, Mrs. Johanson asked me if I would move the furniture and take out the trash. pronoun Thanks, but I need to do this by MYSELF. pronoun AN apple had fallen from the basket and was now being devoured by worms. adjective Daniel's uncle claimed that he spent most of his youth dancing on rooftops AND swallowing goldfish. conjunction I ate the pizza BUT I am not usually a fan of Italian foods. conjunction After many years, THEY returned to their homeland. pronoun My neighbor knits intricately PATTERNED mittens. adjective Identify the part of speech of the word capitalized in each sentence.