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To move toward the midline? Adduction The joining of or fusing of a joint by surgical means Arthrodesis An inflammation of bone and bone marrow Osteomyelitis An abnormal lateral curvature of the lumbar spine Scoliosis A condition is characterized by abnormal hardening of bone Osteosclerosis A benign growth on the surface of a bone Exostosis A form of arthritis is associated with the formation of uric acid crystals in the joint Gouty arthritis The dislocation or displacement of a bone from its joint Luxation A term that means any disease of cartilage Chondropathy Arthr/o Joint Oste/o Bone Chondr/0 Cartilage Myel/o Bone Marrow or Spinal Cord -desis To bind or tie together Foramen An opening in a bone Carpals The bones of the wrist My/o Muscle -Plegia Paralysis Kinesi/o Movement Inflammation of Fascia Fasciitis Also known as tennis elbow Epicondylitis The surgical incision of fascia Fasciotomy A fracture in which the bone is splintered or crushed Comminuted A surgical incision into a joint Arthrotomy An attempt to return the affected bone to its normal alignment by manually applied forces Manipulation Surgical removal of a spinal lamina Laminectomy Abnormal softening of the cartilage Chondromalacia Commonly known as a bunion Hallux valgus A bone marrow transplant utilizing the patient’s own bone marrow Autologous A professional specializes in diagnosing and treating disorders of the feet Podiatrist To suture a tendon to bone Tenodesis An abnormal shortening of muscle tissues that makes the muscle resistant to stretching Contracture Abnormal hardening of muscle tissue Myosclerosis The breaking down of muscle tissue Myomalacia The suturing of a divided tendon Tenorrhaphy The surgical removal of a portion of a muscle Myectomy The surgical repair of a tendon Tenoplasty Hardened deposits in the plantar fascia Heel spurs Familiarize yourself with terminology & conditions assosiated in orthopedic surgery.