movement toward the midline of the body adduction removal of an extremity due to injury or disease amputation non progressive paralysis due to defects in the brain or birth trauma cerebral palsy using cold for therapeutic purposes cryotherapy a type of test, series of tests, or an evaluation to determine extent of an illness or disease diagnostic use of heat-inducing wavelengths to provide muscle relaxation and therapy diathermy light stroking movement which may be performed in a circuluar pattern effleurage accumulation of fluid, pus or serum in a cavity or tissue which may become hard and crusty exudates manner of walking gait extreme or abnormal extension or stretching hyperextension kneading or applying pressure by hands to a part of the patient's body to promote muscle relaxation and reduce tension massage damage to neck muscles and nerves as the result of trauma or injury resulting neck trauma ability to move the thumb into contact with the other fingers opposition paralysis of the lower portion of the body paraplegia kneading or a rolling method of massage which requires pressing the muscles petrissage a physician specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation physiatrist turn downward or backward as with the hand or foot pronation an artificial body part prosthesis paralysis of all four extremities of the body quadriplegia process of assisting patient to regain a state of health and the highest level of function possible rehabilitation range of motion ROM pain and disability caused by trauma to a joint, along with swelling, stiffness and pain sprain trauma to a muscle from excessive stretching or pulling strain process of pus formation due to infection suppuration light tapping or percussion that is performed with the sides of the hands in a cupping position to relieve congestion tapotement Providing competent medical service with compassion and respect for human dignity is part of what? AMA Principle Code of Medical Ethics A larger percentage of health care workers will be needed in the future due to? Increase in the geriatric population If a family member asks about a patient's treatment, the medical assistant should? Get written authorization from the patient What Law deals with offenses against all citizens? Criminal What are the three parts of the contract between a patient and a physician? Offer, Acceptance, Consideration Who is legally responsible for obtaining an informed consent prior to surgery? Doctor False statements regarding patients may be considered what? Defamation By what means would a physician withdraw care of a patient who does not follow instructions? Written notification by certified mail with return receipt Oral testimony taken in the presence of a court reporter is called? Deposition What designates a specific limit of time during which a claim may be filed? Stature of Limitation Medical records are the property of whom? Physician The owner of the privilege to keep information confidential is? Patient What describes a written attack on the reputation of another? Libel Define respondent superior? Let the master answer A physician who has started care of a patient then is not available to continue care may be sued for? Abandonment What is the primary cause of malpractice suits? negligence Define res ipsa loquitur? The thing speaks for itself What is the Uniform Anatomical Gift Act for? Requirements; must be of sound mind and of legal age, or family may decide after death (organ donor) What is the purpose of the Good Samaritan Act? Protects physicians who provide emergency care from liability for civil damages A deliberate attempt to touch without consent is? Assault What does HIPAA provide for? Patient's privacy What is Medical "Miranda Warning" for? Gives patient legal options for refusing or accepting treatment if they are incapacitated The victim of sexual harassment must prove what? The harasser's conduct is unwelcomed Define subpoena duces tecum? To appear in court with patient records The ethical standards established by a profession are administered by whom? Peer reviews MOD G WEEK 3 LECTURE & VOCAB