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ABA number number on all checks that identifies accounting numerical language of business accounting equation 'equation that express the relationship accounts receivable (AR) record of patient transactions adjustment addition or deduction of designated amount to balance owed aging report report that shows how long a debt has gone asset anything of value owned by a business that can be used to acqure other items balance sheet report on the financial condition of a business on a certain date bank statement document that lists all the banking activities for a set period blank endorsement type of endorsement in which only a signature is listed on tge back of a check bookkeeping systematic recordin of business transactions co-insurance fixrd percentage of a medical cost that is paid by the patient co-payment fixed fee tha tis paid by tge patient at each officevisit credit amount representing a payment daysheet journal for recording the days activities debit amount representing a charge or debt owed debtor person owing a debt medical termonology