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What are 3 reasons the French came to Michigan? 1. to trade, 2. find a shortcut to China, 3. tell about God Name some items the Native Americans got from the French during trading. metal pots, cloth, beads, guns, gunpowder What does scarce mean? there is not a lot of something What was scarce in France? animal furs When you choose to buy one item over another, the one you did not buy is the _____. opportunity cost What does specialization mean? People learn how to do one job really well Why did Father Marquette come to Michigan? to tell the Native Americans about God Which river did Father Marquette help explore? Mississippi River What 2 towns did Father Marquette begin? Sault Ste. Marie and St. Ignace Is Father Marquette's diary a primary or secondary source? primary Who wanted to build a fort in Detroit? Antoine Cadillac Why did the French want a fort in Detroit? to keep the British from gaining access to the Great Lakes Who led a rebellion against the British? Chief Pontiac Who lost the French and Indian War? French Why did the Native Americans keep attacking British forts? They wanted the French to come back to Michigan What did the Proclamation of 1763 say? Settlers could not go farther west than the Appalachian Mountains. This preserved the Native American's land. French fur traders