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Groups of procedure code entries that relate to a single activity Multilink codes Amounts a provider bill for the services performed Charges Changes to patients accounts that alter the amount charged or paid Adjustments A small fixed fee paid by the patient Copayment Government plan for the military Tricare-True Part of charges that an insured person must pay for health care services after payment of the deductible amount Coinsurance The periodic amount of money the insured pays to a health plan for insurance coverage Premium Payments made to physicians on a regular basis for providing services to patients in a managed care insurance plan Capitation payments Person responsible for payment, not always patient Guarantor-False Getting rid of patient files that are not used Purging data Provides opportunity to select cases for certain patient by transaction date, procedure code, or amount Briefcase button Not a government plan HMO Explanation of benefits EOB A 2 digit character that is appended to a CPT code to report special circumstances involved with a procedure or service Modifier What 3 types of help are available in Medisoft Online, Help menu, Balloon On an audit/edit report, what does an "R" stand for R=Rejected Where are insurance carrier payments entered Deposit List Where are patient payments entered Enter Transactions Under what tab would you find allergies Diagnosis tab