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What is not a functional benefit for an EHR as defined by the IOM? Discrete data Which of the following is an example of a digital image that may be part of an electronic medical record? Annotated drawings Which of the following statements is true about discrete data that is stored in an EHR system? It requires little storage space. Text data that is stored in an EHR system is least useful for performing which of the following functions? Trend analysis Which of the following is an example of a result finding? Normal urine protein Which of the following is not one of the six main categories that the MEDCIN nomenclature uses to organize findings? Body Structure What is the NANDA-I code set used to categorize? Nursing diagnoses You have just imported an x-ray for a patient into an image system; this means: you need to enter identifying data about the document into the computer. Which of the following is not true of a Picture Archival Communication System (PAC)? It imports digital images into the EHR system. Your medical office is implementing an EHR system and needs to add numerous paper charts into the new document/image system. The best course of action would be to: import the word processing files from any transcribed dictation as text records A text file would be produced for upload to an EHR in which of the following examples? A medical transcriptionist types exam notes using a word processor. Which of the following statements about imported text data is false? The text data is codified by the EHR once it has been imported. Which of the following standards would enable a hospital that uses many different systems to integrate data from all of these systems in a cohesive way? HL7 Which of the following is an example of trend analysis provided by an EHR? A graph showing a patient cholesterol levels over time Which of the following would not be considered a benefit of patient-entered data? The patient can review and make corrections to previous entries made by medical staff. An alert that warns a physician that a brand name drug is not covered by a patient’s insurance plan is an example of a(n): formulary alert. Jenna has a penicillin allergy. Which of the following alerts in an EHR would detect this allergy? DUR You receive a letter in the mail from the pediatrician saying that your child is due to receive certain immunizations. This is an example of which functional benefit of codified EHR data? Health maintenance What is a medical protocol? A standard plan of therapy established for certain conditions An insurance billing code represents a: service that was rendered Chapter 2