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prefix is a small part added to the beginning of the term white leuk/o, albin/o lateral side suffix is the word ending superior pertaining above polymyalgia pain in many muscles menorrhagia adnormally heavy mentrual flow endocarditis inflammation of the inside (inner lining) of the heart oligospermia condition of having few or scanty amount of sperm present in semen * low sperm count -emia blood condition hypothyroidism condition in whcih not enough of thryoid glands intracranial pertaining to within the skill/cranium fungus myc/o oste/o bones algia pain head ceohal/o record gram red erythr/o a-, -an no, not, without rapid tachy vein ven/o, phleb/o dys bad, difficult rhinorrhea discharge from the nose * runny nose stomy new surgical opening milk lact/o hydr/o water, fluid crypt/o hidden genesis formation and development ovary ovari/o, oophar/o colp/o vagina -ectomy surgical removal -itis inflammation -uria urine, urine condition -oma tumor -ic pertaining to megally englargement osis adnormal condition pathy any disease of fat lip/o arthr/o joint eye opthalm/o, opt/o, ocul/o nephr/o, ren/o kidney pulmon/o lungs cardi/o heart aden/o gland hepat/o liver mtfe