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Decreased/less hypo Inflammation of itis Liver hepat Increased/excess hyper Blood hem/o Back of body dors- Abnormal condition -osis Muscle my/o Heart cardi/o Visceral Lies directly on the organ Scientific name for nerve cell neuron Away from the midline lateral Term opposite of proximal distal What term means plaque or fatty ather/o What means nerve pain neuralgia What does suffix.....rrhea mean abnormal or excessive fluid discharge What does prefix epi mean above What does cutane mean skin Sufflix for cartilage -chrondr Word part meaning bone osteo The process of bone formation osteogenesis surgical repair -plasty Disease, suffering -pathy Surgical fixation -desis To break -clasis Spondyl vertebrae, back bone Tax coordination Movement kinesi paralysis plegia rupture rrhexis bruise contus tone, tension ton violent action clonus weakness asthenia incomplete paralysis paresis breakdown lysis skin dermo melano black difficulty with coordination dystaxia arthro joint Eardrum prefix myringo Inflammation of the brain encephalitis Term for spinal cord myel/o Prefix meaning covering of the brain mening Loss of feeling or sensation anesthesia word part meaning cornea or hard Kerat hearing acous, audi, audit blepharo eye lid cor pupil presby old age ocul,opthalm eye ear oto visual condition opia mind psych phasia speech somn sleep mono one diplo double metry measure macula spot ambul walk marco stupor sclera white of eye pain algia medical roots, prefixes, suffixes