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The words that follow a code number in the cpr manual are called? procedure/service descriptor A code that has all of the words that describe the code that follows is what type of code? stand alone Procedures that are experimental, newly approved, or seldom used are reported with what type of code? unlisted/Category III who requires a special report with the use of unlisted codes? third-party payers A list of the unlisted procedures for use in a speā‚¬ilic section of the cpT manual is contained in? guidelines ln which CPT appendix would all modifiers be found? Appendix A CPT stands for? Current Procedural Terminology which term reflects the technologic advances made in medicine that are incorporated into the CPT manual? revisions where is specific coding information about each section located? guidelines This act mandated the adoption of national uniform standards for electronic transmission of financial and administrative health information? HIPAA What year was CPT first developed and published? 1966 Who publishes CPT? AMA Health care providers are _ based on the codes submitted on a claim form for procedures and services rendered? reimbursed Catesorv I CPT codes have _ digits. 5 The universal health insurance form for submisAn of outpatient services is the? CMS1500 What is the function of an add-on code? identifies a code that is never used alone How manv main sections are in the CPT manual? 6 A modifier? provides additional information to the third-party payer An unlisted procedure code? all of the above Revised text Two arrows face-to-face Revised code Triangle alone New Code A Dot/Bullet Add-on code plus sign Modifier -51 exempt Do Not Sign lf a coder is unable to locate a code that describes the exact service provided, it is acceptable to use a code that approximates the service provided. Fasle