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Name of all the raw facts and Figures that the computer process. Data All the parts of a computer system that we can see and touch is called? Hardware When does Data become Information? When we attach a meaning to data. What are the stages of processing? Input, Processing,Output What is the general name of devices used to input information on the computer? Input Devices A set of instructions that a computer need to carry out instruction Software Describe Peripheral Devices? All the devices that assist with the communication of the computer system Whats does the term CPU means? Central Processing Unit. What is the name of the two smaller Unit in the CPU? Control Unit and Arithmetic Logic Unit. What does the CPU do with Data? Turns it into information. Why do we use a computer? It can process information fast, Store large amount of information, Can work for long periods. Which is the main unit of the CPU? the Control Unit or the ALU? The Control Unit. What is another name for the PC? Microcomputer Which type of computer can handle more than 100 users? MainFrame Is 2,4,6,8,10 etc Data or Information? Data Is Odd Numbers Date or Information? Information Is a,b,c,u,y etc Data or information? Data Is Letters of the Alphabet Data or Information? Information This would introduce the student to fundamentals of the computer namely the parts of the computer and the types