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a character who we see change during the course of the novel Dynamic Character character who remains essentially the same throughout the novel Static Character events recounted in the story follow a chronological sequence Linear narrative events are told out of chronological sequence Non-linear narrative The novel's main character; often referred to as the "good guy" Protagonist The difference between what is expected and what actually occurs; used to surprise readers or for a humourous or satirical effect Irony a word or phrase that reads the same forward as it does backward Palindrome literary device by which an author presents scenes or incidents that happened before the beginning of the story Flashback an author gives hints or clues about what will happen later in the story Foreshadowing the repeted use of a word or phrase; used to emphasize an idea Repetition assigning human characteristics or behavior to inanimate or abstract things Personification uses "like" or "as" to compare two unlike objects Simile comparison of two different things where one thing is said to be the other thing Metaphor when justice is served in an especially appropriate or ironic manner Poetic Justice recurring phrase, image, action, or idea in a novel Motif unifying or dominant idea of a piece of writing Theme Use these flashcards to study for your Holes final exam.