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superior above albin/o white inferior below cyan/o blue anterior front ventral front posterior back dorsal back medial towards the midline lateral away from midline, out to the side proximal nearer to point of attachment (midline) distal farther away from ..... superficial towards surface of body hidr/o sweat cephal/o head brachi/o arm supine lying face up prone lying face down myc/o fungus onych/o nail lip/o fat cutane/o skin dermat/o skin itis inflammation a without an without anti- against dys difficult hyper over, above algia pain logy study of oma mass, tumor pathy disease cyte cell cyst fluid filled sac under skin macule flat discolored area: freckle nodule solid mass of cells grter than .5cm papule solid mass of cells smaller than .5cm pustule raised spot filled with pus vesicle fluid-filled blister wheal allergic reaction hives cuticle soft skin covering nail diaphragm separates the thoracic form the abdominopelvic cavities rt and lf hypochondriac, epigastric regions top 3 regions of abdominopelvic cavity alopecia hair loss keratin protein makes skin waterproof kaposi sarcoma aids cancer biopsy tissue for diagnosis anhidrosis no sweat melanocyte produces melanin, black pigment