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I eat hamburgers at Burger King I eat hot dogs In the park I like hot chocolate I love chocolate candies I usually eat lunch at 12:00 In the morning I drink Orange juice I like cookies with Milk To eat a steak I use Fork and knife My favorite kind of food is Chineese food My parents like to drink Coffee Cup cakes are Sweet I have chicken soup With a spoon In water glasses I drink Water Avocado can be a fruit and Vegetable There is tomatoe In my sandwich There is lot of lettuce In the salad When I watch a movie I eat lot of Chips My mom buys bread at The supermarket Too much soda Is not good Rabbits eat Carrots There is bacon in my Hamburger I eat cereal in A bowl I carry my food on A tray I like meat lovers pizza at Pizza hut At Wendys I eat Baja Salad I drink two cups of Hot tea I eat chicken at Kentucky Fried Chicken At La Neveria I eat Ice Cream I don´t like Onions in my tacos I don´t like salt in my Rice and beans Complemente el texto o preguntas con el texto correcto.