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What is a policy that defines the methods involved when a user logs on to the network called? authentication In Windows 7, what is the maximum length that a password can be? 128 Which protocol is used to encrypt data as it travels a network? IPSec If you need to implement a VPN on a Windows Server 2008 system, what server role must be installed to access routing and remote access services? network policy and access services What process, available on most routers, will help improve security by masking the internal IP address of the transmitting device? NAT What is the generic term used to describe programs that are designed to cause harm or disruption to a computer system? malware What is a type of malware that is so difficult to detect and remove that most experts agree that it is better to backup your critical data and reinstall the OS? rootkit The 802.11i standard is the newest version of wireless security that uses more advanced encryption methods than the previous versions. What is it more commonly referred to as? WPA2 A new file-sharing option that can be used on the network if all the computers have Windows 7 installed. HomeGroup If your network consists mostly of computers with Linux operating systems, which file-sharing system can you use that is native to Linux? NFS Before you purchase any software for a small business, especially the OS, you should be aware of the number of users that are allowed to access the software. What document will give you that information? EULA What is CRM software? software that is used to keep track of customer information, including contact information and appointments You are currently troubleshooting a network issue with your ISPs customer support agent. The agent requests that you open up command prompt and type ping What does this accomplish? tests that the local IP stack is functioning Almost immediately after a server migration project, employees are complaining that they cant reach the Internet. You sit down at a machine and try to ping a well-known website, which fails. You then try to ping a known-public IP address, which succeeds. What is most likely the issue? DNS settings are incorrect. Which command will display the configured IP address, default gateway, and DNS servers for a Windows workstation? ipconfig /all You recently completed a network overhaul over the weekend. Everything seems to be functioning properly until you receive a swarm of help desk support requests, all originating from one specific floor in your building. After a few minutes on the phone with those affected, you determine that no one has indicator lights active on their NICs. What is most likely the problem? A network switch has not been powered on. ___ backups copy all files changed since the last full or incremental backup and marks files as backed up. Incremental When using tape backup, what should be done to ensure that the backups are viable? Verify data can be restored. What does the ping message Destination host unreachable message mean? The pinged IP address is on the same network, but an ARP reply was not received. What is the local loop, or last mile? the connection between the demarcation point and the CO Which cloud computing category allows a company to quickly provision additional disk space? hosted infrastructure What is the signaling method used to allocate time slots for each channel in a T-carrier line called? Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) The company you work for currently has ISDN service in place. Your supervisor wishes to know what sort of ISDN service is being used so that better alternatives can be considered. He tells you that the service has two B-Channels and a D-Channel. What ISDN format do you have? Basic Rate Interface (BRI) How the network resources are to be used should be clearly defined in a (an) _____ policy. acceptable use _____ authentication uses keys that are generated by the OS instead of being manually entered by an administrator. Kerberos A(an) ____ is a type of Trojan program that hides in the operating system files and is extremely difficult to detect. rootkit What is unsolicited e-mail called? spam What malware masquerades as a useful program? Trojan What malware is a self-contained, self-replicating program? worm An industry-standard protocol used for network management and monitoring. Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) In Linux, passwords are stored in an encrypted format in the ___ file, which is located in the /etc directory. shadow ____ is a secure method of gaining command-line access to a computer or network device. SSH To eliminate the potential problems caused by power fluctuations, especially on servers, you can install ____ uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) If a portion of a T-Carrier line is used for one purpose and a different portion for another purpose, the line has been _____. fractionalized What is a VPN connection between two routers called? gateway-to-gateway What is the process by which a router forwards a request for a TCP or UDP port to a specified computer? port forwarding What is a connection between a desktop and a VPN device called? client-to-gateway What is a specialized software that gathers network data and provides statistics to a network management console called? remote monitoring (RMON) Part of an upgrade plan that provides instructions on how to undo the upgrade if problems occur during or after the upgrade is called ___. rollback plan ___ is the device that sends data to (and receives data from) the local loop, usually a CSU/DSU or modem. Data Circuit-terminating Equipment (DCE) ____ products are those that are intended for the home user and therefore don’t come equipped with advanced features. Consumer A router that is using ____________-to-gateway VPN mode allows users to connect to the network without having any specialized software installed on their computers. gateway Most manufacturers store their technical support problems and solutions in a database called a knowledge base or a ____ document. frequently asked questions A ____________ copies selected files to the selected media without marking files as backed up. copy backup The ________ Windows command is used to determine the network path between two devices. tracert _____ is a PVC packet-switching technology that offers WAN communication over a fast, reliable, digital link. It was developed from X.25 and ISDN technology. Frame relay A __________ is a device that allows a computer, which works with digital information, to communicate over lines that use analog signals. modem The CPE must be able to send data in the correct format onto the connection that makes up the ___________ and receives data coming from that connection. local loop ________ is a cell-based packet-switching technology in which the cells are of a fixed length rather than typical packet-based systems that use variable length packets. ATM the Linux file sharing protocol that is compatible with Windows Samba Flashcards Network Essentials 10-13