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Rule #1 on building medical words A word root links a suffix that begins with a vowel Rule #2 on building medical words A combining form(root+o) links a suffix that begins with a consenant Rule #3 on building medical words A combining form links a root to another root to form a compound word. This rule holds true even if the next root begins with a vowel. Which part of the word do you define first? The suffix or last part. Which part do you define second? The prefix or first part. Which part do you define last? The Word Root or middle part. What is a Word Root? The foundation of a medical term and contains its primary meaning. What is a Combining Form? Created when a word root is combined with a vowel. usually an "o" but sometimes an "i" What is a Suffix? A word element placed at the end of a word that changes the meaning of the word. What is a Prefix? A word element attached to the beginning of a word or word root. dermat Skin cutane Skin nephr Kidney renes Kidney stomat mouth or mouth erythr red gastr stomach hepat liver immun immune, immunity, safe oste bone esthes feeling therm heat muscul muscle nas nose ur urine chondr cartilage arthr joint enter intestine cyte cell oma tumor megaly enlargement itis inflammation an without, not hyper excessive, above normal intra in, within para near, beside, beyond poly many, much dermatitis inflammation of the skin subcutaneous pertaining to the skin nephoma tumor of the kidney renal pertaining to the kidneys stomatitis inflamation of the mouth oral pertaining to the mouth gastritis inflammation of the stomach gastromegaly enlargement of the stomach gastroma tumor of the stomach hepatitis inflammation of the liver hepatomegaly enlargement of the liver hepatoma tumor of the liver anesthesis condition of not feeling terms and meanings of medical words from chapter one.