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Analyze To break into parts and explain the parts Infer To make a conclusion based on fact Formulate to create and develop or create a thought or idea, to plan or invent an action or plan Evaluate To give your opinion of what is important and be able to discuss its good and bad points (strength/weakness) using facts and details Trace To tell about the progress or growth Describe To tell how something looks or provide details how it happened Support To back up ideas with details and facts Explain To tell how things occurred using facts and details for clarity Summarize To state the short version in order to briefly cover the main points Compare To show how two things are alike Contrast To show how two things are different Predict To make a guess what is going to happen next or in the future Complete To finish in full Demonstrate Prove you are knowledable of a specific topic Develop To go beyond and expand your own ideas and understanding Empathy To demonstrate respect to others Heritage Something that is passed down from preceding generations, a tradition History A usually chronological record of events, as of the life or development of a people or institution, often including an explanation of or commentary on those events Examine Look closely Illustrate to give examples to clear your responses Provide To make available and supply Reflect To create judgment and personalize Cause/Effect the beginning and the result Chronological events put in the order they happened Clarify to make clear Discuss To tell about the main points and important details Define to give the meaning Diagram To make a drawing of something and label its parts Enumerate To make a list Fact Something that can be proven to be true Illustrate To give examples Interpret To offer an explanation Justify To give good reasons Opinion Belief based on what a person thinks or feels Prove To show something is true by giving facts Question To ask Reflect To think about something Relate To show how things are alike or connected Sequence To put in correct order State To give the main points or reasons Evidence A thing or things helpful in forming a conclusion or judgment Conclusion The result or outcome of an act or process, end or finish Judge To form an opinion or estimation of after careful consideration Value Worth in usefulness or importance to the possessor; utility or merit Outline A general description covering the main points of a subject and to summarize the important points of a text Tell To give a detailed account of and event Legacy Something handed down from an ancestor or a predecessor or from the past Tradition The passing down of elements of a culture from generation to generation, especially by oral communication as a mode of thought or behavior followed by a people, custom Research Scholarly or scientific investigation or inquiry,To study (something) thoroughly so as to present in a detailed, accurate manner, close careful study Culture the arts, traditions, and human intellectual achievement and practices. Mr. Garate's Powerful Words