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What does desiccate mean? to remove all moisture What is etchant? chemical agent used to etch What does etching mean? the process of using a chemical agent to etch What is eugenol? colorless liquid made of clove oil What is a hybrid? material that produces a similar outcome to its natural counterpart What does insulating mean? preventing the passage of heat or electricity What does micromechanical mean? how materials lock on to one another What does obliterating mean? removing or eliminating completely What does polymerize mean? subject a material to the bonding process of 2 or more monomers What is retention? result of adhesion What does sedative mean? soothing effect What is a sear layer? thin kayer of debris on newly prepared dentin What does thermal mean? relating to heat What is a dental liner? application of dental material to create a buffer between nerve and restorative material What is another name for calcium hydroxide? Dycal Calcium hydroxide is a liner or base? liner What are the 4 types of pulpal stimuli? physical, mechanical, chemical, and biological What is a physical pulpal stimuli? stimuli from hot and cold What is a mechanical pulpual stimuli? stimuli from handpieces or occlusion What is a chemical pulpal stimuli? stimuli from acids What is a bilogogial pulpual stimuli? stimuli from saliva and bacteria What part of the tooth is a dental liner placed on? dentin Can a dental liner be placed on the enamel? no why can't a dental liner be placed on the enamel? effects retention True or false - calcium hydroxide is compatiable with all dental materials? true Why would a dentist choose dycal as a liner besides it being compatable? secondary dentin growth Which is placed first? liner , base, varnish Liner What are the 2 kinds of dental varnish? fluoride and cavity True or false cavity varnish can be placed on composites? false What is the purpose of a cavity varnish? seal dentinal tubeules What is the benefit of sealing the dentinal tubules? reduces restoration leakage What is a manufactures name for cavity varnish? copalite What part of the tooth can fluoride varnish be placed on? enamel, dentin Name 2 uses for fluoride varnish? cervical areas, ortho patients, True or false when placing a liner in a prep there is more placed than a base. flase ZOE stand for what? Zinc Oxide Eugenol What is eugenol? clove oil Why do we use eugenol? soothing How many kinds of denal bases can be placed? 3 What are the three kinds of dental bases that can be placed? insulating, protective, sedative What is a insulating bases? protect the tooth from thermal shock What is a protective base? protect pulp from restoration What is a sedative base? helps soothe the pulp Can Eugenol be used with all restorative materials? no Why can eugenol not be used with composites? effects bond ZOE is an example of what kind of base? Insulating and sedative Zinc Phosphate cement is an example of what kind of base? insulating Why do you have to place a liner with zinc phosphate cement? acid is irritating to pulp What dental base must have a liner placed first? zinc phosphate Polycarboxylate is an example of what kind of base? protective and insulating Why is etchant used for bonding restorations? to remove smear layer What are the 2 kinds of bonding you can perform? dentin or enamel Name 2 examples of enamel bonding? brackets, sealants Name 2 examples of dentin bonding? composite restorations, veneers What is the function of a dental liner? A dental liner protects the pulp from irritation. On what tooth structure is a liner placed? A liner, calcium hydroxide, is placed on dentin. What are the three unique qualities of calcium hydroxide? Calcium hydroxide protects from chemical irritation, produces reparative dentin, and is compatible with all materials. What is the main ingredient in varnish? Resin is the main ingredient in varnish. Can varnish be placed under all restorative materials? If not, which materials are contraindicated? No, varnish cannot be placed under composite resins and glass ionomer restorations. Dentin sealers are contraindicated. What is the other name used for dentin sealer? A dentin sealer is also known as a desensitizer What does the dentin sealer seal? The dentin sealer seals dentin tubules What does an insulating base do for a tooth? An insulating base protects the pulp from thermal shock. What effect does eugenol have on the pulp? Eugenol has a soothing effect on the pulp Where is a base applied in the preparation? A base is applied on the pulpal floor. What dental instrument is used to adapt a base into place? A condenser is used to adapt a base into place What is the purpose of a dental bonding material? A dental bonding material bonds restorative materials to tooth structure What is an example of enamel bonding? Examples of enamel bonding include placement of sealants, orthodontic brackets, bridges, and veneers What must be removed from the tooth structure for bonding material to reach dentin? The smear layer must be removed from the tooth for bonding material to reach the dentin. Which material is applied first: the bonding or etchant material? The etchant is applied first. What kind of dental varnish can we use? fluoride and cavity What are the three areas of a tooth that a cavity can reach? dentin, enamel, pulp What part of the tooth does the cavity have to reach that would indicate that you use a liner or base? dentin close to pulp What are the three kinds of sensetivity a tooth may experience? hot, cold, bitting True or false - calcium hydroxide is a liner true True or false calcium hydroxide is compatiable with all materials true What are the ways denal liners can cure? self, light, dual what part of a tooth is a liner placed on? dentin Why can't liner be placed on enamel? effects retention of restoration What is the name of the instrument that is used to place a liner? dycal or liner applicator what instrument do we use to mix dental liners? liner applicator, spatula What 2 items can we use to mix liners adn bases on? mixing pad or glass slab what do we use to mix on that can extend the working time? glass slab Why do we use a cavity varnish? seal dentinal tubules true or false - cavity varnish can be used on all restorations? false name 3 reasons why you would use a fluoride varnish? ortho patients, fluoride treatment, cervical erosion What does ZOE stand for? zinc oxide eugenol what is another name for colve oil? eugenol Is clove oil compatiable with all products? no Why do we use clove oil? soothing to pulp What are 3 examples of enamel bonding? sealant, ortho, composites what are the 2 kinds of bonding we may perform? enamel and dentin Why is moisture control importatn when bonding? effects bond, retention, and longevity of restoration