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The Office menu contains all of the following features EXCEPT: Edit The Home tab contains all of the following groups EXCEPT the ________ group. File When you want to use commands that affect the full document, click the: Office Button Shortcut keys on the ribbon are called: Key Tips All Office 2007 programs contain ________ on the status bar. View Commands You can type an exact value of magnification into the: Zoom Dialog Box Where are Help files located in Office 2007? On your hard drive and on the web When a file is active, it is: In RAM Where can the Open command be found in Office 2007? From the Office Menu All of the following are reasons to save an existing file with the Save As command EXCEPT to: Have it save automatically over the previous version Office Fundamentals saves files with a ________ extension. .docx Which of the following would NOT be considered formatting? Using the Thesaurus If you want to select a large portion of text, click at the beginning of the selection, then hold down the ________ key and click at the end of the selection of text. shift Which of the following is NOT true about the cut, copy, and paste commands? copy removes the text from its original location Which command allows you to find an item and substitute something else in its place? Replace In the URL http://www.prenhall.com/techinaction, the protocol is: http The type of Internet-based communication that allows you to hold a private conversation with someone else who is online at the same time as you is a(n): instant message The HTML language is composed of special symbols called: tags Which came first, the World Wide Web (WWW) or the Internet? The Internet was created in the 1960s, and the WWW was created in the 1990s. Which of the following is a network in which computers are located physically close together, often in the same building? LAN What is the web address http://www.pod.edu/admissions/standards/entry.html also called? URL Which of the following is NOT an example of a portal? Netscape Which protocol is used to upload and download files from web servers? FTP What type of portals serve employees within a corporation? Internets What is the Internet? A global network comprised of thousands of Web servers What is a single document on the Web called? A web site or web page What is the main purpose of an ISP? To provide access to the Internet Which is a place on the screen you can click to navigate to another Web page? hyperlink When using a local area network, which of the following can be shared by several users? Hard drives, printers, and software Data is transmitted across the Web through a set of standards known as: Hypertext Transfer Protocol. To access documents on the Web, you need: a browser Data is transmitted across the Web through a series of protocols known collectively as: TCP/IP To stretch a short title of a paper across the page, use the ________ option. Expanded The best tool to use to copy bold, Times New Roman 12 pt, and blue font color from one subheading to all other subheadings is the: Format Painter button Borders and shading can be applied to a table or an image by using the ________ tab. Page Border Paragraph formatting options include all of the following EXCEPT: Borders When text is typed into a column and continues into the next column, the text continues at the: top Text alignment options include all of the following EXCEPT: decimal aligned Which of the following is NOT implemented at the section level? line spacing To apply an existing style to a paragraph, the: cursor must be located anywhere within the paragraph. To quickly move to the beginning of a document, press the: Ctrl+home keys What combination of keys takes you to the end of a document? Ctrl+End All of the following are ways to magnify a document while in print preview EXCEPT using the: Print Preview Size commands. When you use the Paste command to paste text into a document, what displays? A paste options button Which action does NOT happen when a word is misspelled and you click on it? The word is corrected automatically. What is the difference in spell checking a document in Excel and PowerPoint in comparison to Word? The Spelling dialog box comes up in Excel and PowerPoint; the Spelling and Grammar dialog box in Word. Which of the following is not an example of formatting text? Changing the zoom In Windows Vista, a window arrangement where open windows are placed one on top of each other, with only a small segment of the background window showing is called: Cascaded A storage area that is labeled and reserved to hold files is called a: Folder The Windows Vista program that is used for creating and managing folders is: Windows explorer Exam 1