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What is a capon? Castrated male cock/cockrel What is the Standard of Perfection or Bantam Standard? The book that poultry shows/judges use to evaluate birds. Which breed is known for it’s extremely short legs? Japanese Bantam What does dubbing mean? To cut the comb and/or wattles in a cock for show. Where are the scales found on a fowl? The legs. Name some five toed breeds. Silkie, Sultan, Dorking. Name some breeds that are true Bantams with no standard chicken counterparts. Japanese, Rosecomb, Dutch. Name three standard other fowl classes. Ducks, Geese, Turkeys. Name some feather legged breeds. Cochins, Booted Bantys, d'Uccles. Name some crested or polled breeds. Appenzeller, Polish, La Fletche. What breed has a strawberry comb? Malay Name a Bantam duck breed. Mallard Which breed of large fowl does not have a bantam counterpart? Barnevelders What does the acronym AOCCL mean? All Other Combed Clean Legged Which breed of chicken has black/purple skin? Silkie What is the longest feathers in a roosters tail? The Main Sickles (Long C-Shaped Feathers) What is the normal body temperature of a chicken? 102 Degrees F In order for a female to lay eggs, does she need the presence of a male? No What is another name for the breast bone of chickens? Keel What are the most common feed ingredients used in poultry diets in the United States? Corn and Soybean meal Where is the axial feather found on the chicken? On the wing in between the primary and secondary feathers. What breed of layer is best for commercial egg production? White Leghorn Which breed's cocks must be dubbed for show? Game Where can you find what color of egg your hen will lay? Earlobes What is the heaviest breed of chicken? Cornish T/F Geese are known to graze. True T/F You can feed layer feed to day old chicks in place of starter. False T/F Turkeys have combs. True What does the proventiculus do? Secretes gastric juices. What do the letters AI stand for? Avian influenza or Artificial Insemination Sample Poultry Showmanship questions that can be asked of you at any fair when exhibiting Poultry.