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What is the name of the Hebrew religion? Judaism According to the Bible, who was Abraham, and where did he move? the man to whom the Bible traces the Hebrews; Canaan Briefly trace the events that led to the Exodus. According to the Bible, in the 1200's BC, God told a Hebrew named Moses to demand that the pharaoh free the Hebrews enslaved in Egypt. After a series of plagues struck, the pharaoh agreed. Moses then led the Hebrews out of Egypt in the Exodus. According to the Bible, what code of moral laws did God give to Moses on Mt. Sinai? the Ten Commandments How did the Ten Commandments shape Hebrew life? The Hebrews agreed to worship only God and to value human life, self-control, and justice. Why do you thihk Moses led the Hebrews to Canaan? Canaan was where Abraham had settled. How did the Hebrews respond to the Philistine invasion? chose a king to lead them in battle Why is David significant in the history of Judaism? first king of Israel to gain full support of tribal and religious leaders; defeated the Philistines; captured Jerusalem What events led to the Eiaspora? Persians conquered the Chaldeans and let the Jews return to Jerusalem. But many Jews instead moved to other parts of the Persian Empire. How did Yohanan ben Zaccai contribute to the development of Judaism? He clarified some Jewish teaching s and built a school to teach about Judaism, thus ensuring the survival of Judaism after the destruction of the Second Temple. Looking at Jewish history from Abraham to the Roman conquest in 63 BC, what patterns do you see? patterns of migration, enslavement, and warfare/conquest Why is Ruth significant in Hebrew history? Her devotion to her mother-in-law served as a model to Hebrews for how to treat family. How could women gain power in Hebrew society? by becomeing political, military, or spirtiual leaders What is monotheism, and why did this belief se the ancient Hebrews apart? a belief in only one god; most people in the ancient world worshipped many gods. What is the Jewish view of justice and righteousness? Justice means to treat all people kindly and fairly, ans righteousness refers to doing what is proper. Why do you think that education and study are so important in Judaism? Jews must learn about their religion and must learn to readand follow the laws. What is the Torah? most sacred text of Judaism; five books of laws as well as a history of the Jews until the death of Moses What are the three parts of the Hebrew Bible? Torah; eight books of messages of prophets; 11 books of poetry, songs, stories, lessons, and history What are the Dead Sea Scrolls, and when were they first discovered? writings by Jewish scholars who lived about 2,000 years ago; in 1947 How have the Dead Sea Scrolls affected Judaism? They have provided Jewish scholars with additional insights into the teachings of Judaism and into Jewish history. What two major religions have been influenced by Judaism? Christianity and Islam How have Jewish views of justice influenced our court system? Everyone has a right to an attorney and to justice in a court of law. Who are the Zealots? A group of Jews who refused to obey Roman officials and led their fellow Jews in revolt. Why did the Jews revolt against the Romans? The Jews were tired of foreign rule and wanted to recreate the kingdom of Israel; Zealots also believed Jews should not answer to anyone but God. Why was the Roman destruction of the Second Temple so devastating to the Jews? The Temple was the center of Jewish religious life and the holiest Jewish site. How did the nature of Judaism change after the loss of the Second Temple? Local synagogues became more important in Jewish life, and leaders called rabbis began serving as religious teachers. What language did each Jewish cultural tradition develop? Ashkenazim- Yiddish; Sephardim- Ladino How do the Ashkenazim and Sephardim differ? Ashkenazim- settled in France, Germany, and eastern Europe; lived apart from non-Jews and developed a unique culture; spoke Yiddish; Sephardim- settled in Spain and Portugal; mixed with and borrowed from surrounding cultures; spoke Ladino What is Hanukkah? a Jewish holiday remembering an event where enough oil for one day lasted for eight What is the most sacred Jewish holiday, and what event does it mark? Yom Kippur- the day Jews ask God to forgive their sins What event was most responsible for ending the first Jewish revolt against the Romans? the burning of the second temple How did the event at Masada end? the Jews took their own lives How did Judaism influence the development of Islam? The first people to follow Islam believed they desended from Abraham. Chapter 8 Hebrews and Judaism